Early morning crash causes a Palmetto patrol car to slam into a house

Family sleeping inside

PALMETTO, Fla. -  

An early morning accident in Palmetto sends a police car into a house where a family was sleeping.


 "I wake up to a loud boom, like boom! It sounded like an explosion," is how 15-year-old Janiza Nunez describes the accident. She was inside the house when the police cruiser crashed into it around 5:30 Saturday morning.


Also inside was her mother Veronica and her younger sister. The loud crash caused all of them to bolt out of bed and run into the living room to see what was going on. 


Janiza describes her mom's reaction after opening the bedroom door. "She opened the door and she seen a car and she was like there's a car inside the house, there's a car!"


According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the agency investigating the crash, it happened as a Palmetto police officer was transporting a prisoner to the Manatee County Jail. As the patrol car was traveling down 8th Avenue West a vehicle turned in front of it, sending the cruiser barreling into the house.


"I'm just glad and happy and thankful to God that my daughter's ok," Veronica Nunez said.


Janiza says she feels extremely lucky, because where the patrol car came into the house is where she usually sleeps. On a couch in the living room. She says the family was watching scary movies Friday night and she decided to sleep in her mother's room instead. "I didn't want to go sleep in the living room because I was scared," Janiza said.


Some of the house still remains in tack including a picture of the Last Supper. The family feels their faith is why Janiza is here today. "Like I was in God's hands. He knew what he was doing. He did it for a reason," Janiza said.


The Red Cross is assisting the family with a place to stay temporarily. 


As for the Palmetto police officer, he was treated at a nearby hospital and release. The prisoner he was transporting, treated as well and sent back to jail.


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