Palmetto Police Department joins Bill Lee Race Cars to help man with bucket list

Don Musin is not letting anything, including cancer, stop him from living his life.
"What else am I going to do? I can sit down and cry and whine about it, but no one will listen to me," he told ABC Action News Saturday afternoon.
The 76 year old served in the Air Force and spent his life as a pastor mentoring students and raising a family. Last fall doctors found he had Melanoma. A few months later it spread and doctors said it was not curable.

"I'm going from here to a better place," he said.

Musin decided that he would start fulfilling his bucket list with the remaining time he had on earth. One item on that list was to speed off in a police car with the siren and lights going.

The owner of Bill Lee Race Cars, together with the Palmetto Police department, heard Don's story and decided to help him fulfill a dream.

"He is so positive and he is so giving even at this stage of his life," said Bill Lee.

Rick Wells , Chief of Palmetto police, made sure to come out and support Don.
"He is just a very soft spoken intelligent man. This is always something he has wanted to do. It is just a special day for me and everyone around him," Wells said.

Don's wife Gloria could not believe their compassion for a man they barely know.
"I only brought two Kleenex , I think I should have brought three. I'm proud," she said.

Don could barely express his gratitude.
"Man this is great. I love what these people are doing," he said moments before getting into the race car.

When it came time to burn rubber Don could not help but smile and wave.
"Don are you ready to do it?" Bill Junior, the driver of his car, asked. "I'm ready to go," he responded.
Don reached 105 miles per an hour in just 6.5 seconds.
"You are one fast Grandpa," said Bill Lee. 

With a smile Don Musin smirked.
"I've never gone that fast in my life," he said. 
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