Family says boy saved sister before he drowned

6-year old Lamontea Taylor's body recovered

LONGBOAT KEY, Fla. - Candles on Coquina Beach are a reminder of a little boy who never came out of the surf.

"The current ended up getting too heavy and it was, had pulled all of them out and they were all struggling in the water," explained Amanda Jones.

We're learning more about six-year old Lamontea Taylor -- not just how he drowned but who he helped save.

"My brother, he pushed me up out of the water and then he let go of me and then a man came and got me out," said five year old Natallie Porter.  Jones says her daughter was spending the weekend with her father.

Natallie, her older half-brother and two other children slipped away unnoticed from a family beach cookout on Saturday and ended-up swept away in a rip tide while playing in shallow water.

"He kept her above water and she was going under and coming up and he was holding her and she was screaming for help," said Jones.

Jones says her daughter can't swim so Lamontea tried to keep her head above the surface, an act Jones believes helped save Natallie's life.

"That's the bravest little six year old that I've ever met I'm so grateful for him," she said.

She says a passerby on the beach heard Natallie screaming, dove in and pulled her to shore.

"When he got out there she was floating unconscious and he got her and

Lamontea was pushing, like holding her up and trying to push her up to the shore, so he had kind've pushed his way to meet the man and the man got Natallie," said Jones.

But when the Good Samaritan went back for Lamontea, he was gone.

It's something this mom is still struggling to explain to her daughter.

"She could've been the one to, the one under there and he kept her up. It's hard to. I still have guilt from that," said Jones.

Tomorrow Natallie and her mom plan to go to meet the guardian angel, the passerby who pulled her to the beach, to say thank you.

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