Sarasota investigators hope new images will help solve cold case

SARASOTA, Fla. - Sarasota County investigators hope new computer generated images of a woman found dead seven years ago will help identify her.

Investigator Maxine Miller said she's never forgotten the woman. Each day, she looks at a computer rendering of the woman, known only as Jane Doe.

"She's always on my mind," she said.

For seven years, the question of the woman's name has eluded her.

"I've been hopeful for seven years that we're going to identify her and I still am hopeful," Miller said. "I still believe that we will."

Miller hopes the new images of the woman will help finally put the missing pieces in place.

The woman's remains were found Feb. 6, 2007, in a wooded area where Ashton Court dead ends in Sarasota. Investigators said she was buried in a shallow grave and had been dead for up to a year. But since then, few new details have emerged, though investigators have kept looking.

Tom Cheske said several years ago detectives came by his repair shop near where the remains were discovered and asked if he'd ever seen her. But he, like everyone else police asked, didn't know who she was.

"He asked me to post her sketch on my counter so customers coming in could see that they were looking for information," Cheske said.

Police have put the woman's DNA and dental profiles into national databases but have come up with nothing.

The new pictures have been distributed internationally in the hopes that someone will recognize this woman and be able to answer questions that have baffled Sarasota County investigators for years.

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