Four Manatee High administrators charged with failing to report child abuse against Rod Fraizer

MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. - Newly released police reports show that a winning record may have been the reason a football coach was reinstated at a Bay area football powerhouse, despite serious allegations involving underage female students.

The report suggests that administrators called for a "speedy investigation" of a Manatee High School football coach so he wouldn't miss a big playoff game.

"Lying during an investigation or false statements is, you know, very much of a concern," said Manatee County Superintendent Rick Mills.

Coach Rod Frazier was charged last month, and now the fallout is growing, with the arrest of four school administrators, including two former Manatee High School principals.

Matthew Kane, Debra Horne, Gregg Faller and Bob Gagnon are charged with failing to report child abuse.

"As a school district it is our responsibility to make that our highest priority, the safety and security of our students and our employees, so anything else other than that is not at that level of priority," said Mills.

Police reports suggest school administrators brushed Frazier's sexual advances toward underage female students under the rug, despite what Superintendent Mills said.

"We have an open door policy and we expect people to be frank and candid and share what their concerns are," he said.

New details include female victims who say Frazier groped them and sent them graphic texts.

A parent liaison says he saw Frazier "shove a bottle of water in between (victim's) legs."

One victim told police, "when she wore skirts he would ask her what kind of underwear she was wearing" and "he would stroke his hand on her buttocks."

She told Bradenton Police the unwanted touching happened as many as 20 times.

Another teacher said she witnessed (victim) sitting on Frazier's lap, feeding him cake.

And another victim said Frazier told her "she would have to give him oral sex if another female student came to him with gum."

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