Volunteer nurse at Boston Marathon wants suspect caught


"My blood started to boil, really slow," said Katie Powers of Bradenton as she watched the search for suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing Friday.  Her anguish turned to anger as she watched it unfold. "It started to simmer," she said.

Powers returned home to Bradenton on Tuesday after volunteering as a nurse at the Boston Marathon for a fourth year.

She described the moments she put her expertise as a mother-baby nurse of thirty years to use in comforting the wounded and fellow volunteers she saw come into her medical tent stationed at the finish line, a mere thirty feet she estimated from where the first bomb went off. "I grabbed her face and said we'll be okay. We'll be fine. We're going to do what we have to do for the patients that they'll bring to us."

"I just want them caught alive. That's all I want, and for no one else to get hurt," she said.

Powers' anger festered as she learned one suspect, the older of the two brothers, was shot and killed in a police gunfight, but the younger brother was still at large. "I'm with the rest of the country. Let's get them. Let's get this one left. Let's take care of business," she said.

Powers' cousin is one of millions in the Boston area placed on lockdown Friday as the manhunt ensured. "She's promised to call when she gets home. She's fine. I'm reassuring her, like she was reassuring me on Monday."

Powers left the couch at her home in Bradenton only once Friday morning to attend Mass. "I had to pray. My prayer was that they'd catch this other younger man alive, because we need to know. We need to know. We need to figure this out and peel back the onion." 

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