Sen. Bill Galvano to meet with KB Home exec to address "shoddy building practices"

BRADENTON, Fla. - The Bradenton homeowners say they have been dealing with those kinds of problems for years.

They say it's because KB Homes put up a bad product and they want to know when the issues are going to be fixed once and for all.

Florida Senator Bill Galvano is scheduled to meet one-on-one with KB Home executives Monday in hopes of getting some answers when it comes to the questions KB Home owners have regarding what they call "shoddy building practices" and unlivable conditions.

Homeowners say it's been a constant battle in the Willowbrook community.   Other issues residents say they're facing include blue tarps on walls, exposed insulation insides, unstable patios, and strange growths from water leaks.

When questioned about the issues, it appears KB homes always has the same answer--- they are working to fix the problems. 

But people like Dan Keeler say it's not just the external issues that worry the homeowners, he's concerned about the health of his children.

He says he appreciates Sen. Galvano coming out, but he's seen lawmakers come and go from the property before with no progress.

"We sure do appreciate him coming out, I dont know if there is a solution, but we really hope there is. Otherwise we are going to be living in this, that building right there has been worked on for the last three months and it shows no progress, so how much longer are we going to go on with this," Keeler said.

Keeler and his neighbors are also spearheading change themselves. They are working to get some sort of lemon law in place--- much like the lemon law in Florida that applies to cars.

It would require a home builder to buy back the home if extensive and repetitive repairs are needed for the structure.




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