Police say burglar fell through the ceiling of the wrong place

A burglar found himself in the wrong place after falling through a roof of a strip mall in Bradenton on Thursday morning.
Police say 29-year-old Byron Newville fell through the roof of the Thai Spice Restaurant off 14th Street around 4:00.
According to police reports, witnesses said they saw a man scaling the back of the Bayshore Pharmacy building next door to the restaurant. When police and fire crews arrived, they searched the area and found an air handler on the roof pried open.
The burglary seems to be a case of mistaken identity.  Not with the person, but with the business. 
That's because according to police Byron Newville wasn't targeting the Thai Spice restaurant. His original target was next door at the Bayshore Pharmacy.
After police searched the pharmacy and found no damage, they went inside the Thai restaurant next door.  That's where they found a hole in the ceiling and debris on the floor. 
A deputy and K-9 unit searched the restaurant and found Newville hiding in a freezer. He was arrested and taken into custody.
In the report police say Newville appears to have moved around the restaurant and attempted to open the cash register. 
At The Greatest Coffee stand out in front of the restaurant and pharmacy, owner Sam Moskowitz couldn't believe what happened. "People get crazy ideas and obviously somebody got one that they're going to break in to the building through the roof," he said.
He knows the owner of the Thai restaurant and said they were out of the country on vacation. A sign posted on the front door of the restaurant read that the place was closed until July 15, because of vacation.
"Nobody's been able to get a hold of them yet," Moskowitz told us.
It appears the owners of the restaurant tried to be proactive by placing a security camera and sign at the entrance of the building. The sign read "Hi, How R U!" The owners probably didn't expect burglars to enter through the roof.
Even though the burglar did hit the wrong business, he did cause a fair amount of damage exceeding over $1,000. He is now charged with 1st Degree Burglary to a structure.
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