Olympian Demetrius Pinder's gold medal stolen

BRADENTON, Fla. - Bradenton Police are trying to find an Olympic gold medal stolen from Demetrius Pinder's truck overnight. 

Detectives said they're working the case, but so far, no major leads have come in.

"That's my first. It really hurts," said Demetrius Pinder, Olympic gold medalist.

Pinder said he remembers the day he won his Olympic gold medal like it was yesterday.  His sister had recently passed away, and his first gold was all for her. 

"I had one more chance to try to make her proud and do things for her.  I really put everything in that..." 

His all proved to be enough.  Along with four teammates, Pinder took home the gold in the men's four by four, and up until Wednesday, he carried it with him everywhere, so he could show people what an Olympic gold medal looked like. 

"I usually keep it with me.  Every time I move from the house, I take it with me.  I move from my car, I take it out of the car.  Just this one particular night, I didn't take it out of my car, just by accident," Pinder said.

On that particular night, Pinder said the medal was in the console of his truck at his Bradenton apartment complex.  Overnight, someone stole it.  He discovered it was gone Wednesday morning. 

"It's going to show up somehow.  Especially if somebody brings it into a pawn shop," said Captain William Fowler, Bradenton Police Department.

Pinder said the thief can't steal his spirit, he's always a gold medal Olympian at heart, and for now, "I still have to get up everyday and go to practice and do what I have to do to try to get the next one in 2016."

The International Olympic Committee stipulates that each gold medal must have six grams of gold, and about 92% silver, making the medal worth about $600.

If you have any information in the case, you're asked to call Manatee County Crime Stoppers at 866-634-TIPS.

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