Manatee County school bus driver charged with two home invasions, may be linked to murder

MANATEE COUNTY - A major break has come in two Bradenton home invasion cases that left several families in fear.

Police have charged Manatee County school bus driver Ronnie Bundrage in the invasions and more charges could be pending, including the murder of a father of four.

Ronnie Bundrage spoke only a few words at his first court appearance Wednesday.

"I am supposed to have a lawyer tomorrow," he said.

Bundrage is not only accused of the two Bradenton home invasions.

In court, prosecutors said police are not done processing evidence and they believe Bundrage could be linked to three other home invasions and the death of a Enrique Medina, a father of four.

Bundrage just shook his head as prosecutors talked about a hat and bandana detectives found at the scene.

"There is DNA results, they are in the works right now and if that is a match that is going to result in a first degree murder charge as well," said one of the prosecutors.

Police arrested Bundrage Tuesday night and would only say that clues found in the East Bradenton neighborhood led them to him.

ACTION NEWS broke the news to the Medina family that police have a possible suspect.

"We know for sure he will pay for what he has done," said his niece Esmeralda Torres.

Her son Juan Torres said it is a huge relief.

  "I am just glad that my uncle will have justice served may he rest in peace."

And, in pursuit of closure, Omar Emigdio went to court.

"He is a threat to society, he should not be free," said Emigdio.

Emigdio lives only a few doors down from the Medina's. Police said Bundrage broke down Emigdio's door and another neighbors, stealing from them and threatening both with a gun.

Police then said Bundrage ran to Medina's home. Enrique was cleaning up after his daughter's 12th birthday party when police say he crossed  paths with the gunman. 

Because Bundrage is not charged with murder, he was eligible for bond. Emigdio was ready to plead with the judge to keep him behind bars.

The judge did not deny Bundrage bond altogether, but did double it, to $200,000 per count.

"It's enough for now," says Medina's son, Ivan, who is now the caretaker of the family.

"He's there, they have him, but nothing is going to bring my father back, nothing," said Medina.
The Manatee County school district would not comment further on Bundrage's employment.

The Bradenton Police Department and Manatee County Sheriff's Office are working together on the other home invasions that may be linked to Bundrage.

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