Bradenton Police: Man tries to lure little girl with teddy bear


Bradenton Police are searching for a man who they say tried to lure a little girl out of her own front yard, and with that man still out there, people in that neighborhood say they aren't taking any chances.

Michele Whipple says she always keeps a close eye on her three little boys, but now, any sense of safety she had, is gone.

"Even though we're fenced in, they could still go over the fence and lure them out the door," said Whipple.

That uneasy feeling is something Eric Vericella will now live with, as he thinks about the things that could have happened to his daughter had he not been outside at that very instant.

He says his five year old daughter was playing in the front yard Friday evening, and while he was in the back yard getting something in the shed, a man in his late 50's to early 60's pulled up, holding a teddy bear.

"He drove by, pulled past my house, then backed up on our side of the road. I heard his window roll down as my daughter was playing, and I heard him say something to her," said Vericella.

When he came around the front, V ericella says the man took off, and dropped the bear, and in a neighborhood full of kids, parents say now, they're thinking about the "what ifs."

" There's lots of people who walk up and down here. We're kind of on the border of nice area and not so nice area so I 'm always skeptical of people walking by," said Chris Foley, who lives right down the street from Vericella.

B radenton P olice are not calling the man involved a suspect, but they are asking you to contact them if you have any information.

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