3 men confront a man at his home in Bradenton on his driveway, now one of them is dead.

Bradenton man fires killing masked masked man

Bradenton - "They came around that corner and told us to get on the ground," Josh Pinkham would tell me. "I flung back that way and I pulled out my gun."

Josh Pinkham says he had no idea what was going on when 3 men dressed in black, and wearing masks, carrying guns, came up to him and a friend, while they were sitting in his carport at his home on 24th Street West in Bradenton at around 10 p.m. Sunday night. He may have had no idea what was going on, but he knew what he felt he had to do, "My training for my conceal weapons permit kicked in and I just pulled and fired, and that was it. I thought they were going to kill us."

Neither Josh or his friend were killed, but a young man, one of the apparent masked men, lay dead on the driveway, the other two ran off.

According to the Sheriff's Office the man killed was 26 year old James Brady. While outside the house where he was killed, two people who claimed to know him drove up, shocked at what had just happened.

Amy Schafer fighting back tears would tell me a friend of hers just started going out with Brady. Antonio Nieves would add that he couldn't believe it when he was told, "They called me this morning and said, 'Oh he got shot, he died!' and I'm like, 'What, who, how?' and they say, 'James got shot!"

The Manatee County Sheriff's Office is now investigating the shooting to determine if Pinkham's story is accurate, and if it is, why the 3 men targeted his house. They also say they are confident they will find the other 2 men involved.

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