Former jail guard gets 20 years in prison for filming, sharing sexual abuse of kids

Focus now on her online boyfriend in Australia

WINTER HAVEN, Fla. - A judge sentenced a former Polk County jail guard to 20 years in prison followed by another 20 of probation for sexually abusing children.

Robin Pagoria plead no contest to the deal offered by prosecutors in order to avoid a trial. She fought the charges for nearly two years.

"That's a significant penalty and it's appropriate," said Sheriff Grady Judd, Pagoria's former boss.

Judd said Pagoria was an excellent detention deputy during the six years she worked under him.

"What we didn't know is she had a deep dark secret, and that was she was into the dominant, submissive fetish, and the spanking fetish," Judd said.

Investigators say she took out her fetish on at least two kids she had access to. They say she stripped them naked, tied them up, and whipped them on camera.

"She spanked them and spanked them and spanked them without mercy," he said.

Now that Pagoria has been sent to prison, the focus turns to her alleged online boyfriend half-way around the world.  He's been called the puppeteer of the abuse.

Detectives arrested Christopher Lobban in Australia shortly after they got his girlfriend in the summer of 2011.

"He's got lawyers, he's fighting us," Judd said. "That's OK. He's sitting in prison right now, where he needs to be in Australia."

The local authorities in Australia approved Labban's extradition to Florida, but now he's fighting it on the federal level.

At the time of his arrest, Lobban was a wealthy man who apparently shared the same spanking fetish.  He and Pagoria first met on the social network, "Spank-O-Life."

Detectives say he gave Pagoria detailed instructions on how to build a "spanking bench" and beat the kids to satisfy their own sexual desires.

"Let this be a warning, you're not going to hide on the other side of the world and sexually batter our children and sexually abuse our children without going to prison," Judd said.

As long as he remains locked up, the sheriff says he doesn't mind being patient.

As part of the plea deal, Pagoria must testify at Lobban's trial.

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