Senior Community hopeful electricity will be restored soon in Polk Co.

Posted at 10:59 PM, Sep 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-14 23:06:40-04

Thousands of Lakeland Electric customers still do not have power tonight days after Hurricane Irma passed through the area.

On their twitter account, they told their customers that 95 percent of them will have power by the end of Sunday.

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The people, who live in Friendship Village off 92, are dealing with the reality they do not have electricity yet.

"I hope we get power soon," Steven Nopoulos said.

Nopoulos said the community of 55 and older has not had power for days. He has been sleeping in the screened in porch because it is too hot inside his home.

"It hasn't really been that rough. Only thing (is) in the evening, it's very hot and humid," he said.

Other people, who live in the community, want to know why the drive-in movie theater, which is down the street, has power and they do not.

"I don't even go back to the bed anymore because it's's too hot back there," Betty Hoffman said.

Hoffman said her fan saves her from the heat and humidity.

"Oh mercy yes. I even put it on me at night when I'm sleeping and deals real good," Hoffman said.

Nopoulos said there are more than 60 homes without power in the community.

"When it comes our turn, we'll get it," he said.

Hoffman called Lakeland Electric today.

"Yes. They said they're trying to get to us as soon as they can," Hoffman said.

She hopes that is soon.

"I told the good Lord to put a firecracker underneath their butts so they'll move faster," she laughed.