Rebecca Sedwick's mother wants bullies to face charges following daughter's suicide

POLK COUNTY - Tricia Norman says charges could be coming soon related to her daughter Rebecca Sedwick's suicide.

"There's a lot of information, we are talking over a year of information," Tricia Norman, Rebecca's mother said.

The Polk County Sheriff's Office says other girls terrorized Rebecca on social media sites.and they are investigating all of them.

Someone even sent her the message, "Why don't you go kill yourself?"

On September 9, she did, jumping to death off a tower near her Lakeland home.

Her mother says whoever bullied her daughter on line should be charged with a crime.

"They need to know that it is serious. The only way to get that across is not to slap them on the wrist, which has happened in the past, but that they have to face actual consequences. I mean this is serious."

Many in the community have stepped up with support and Tricia is planning to set up a foundation with the hopes of taking it nationwide. The goal is be to make kids and parents aware that words matter.

"If somebody comes to you or you know someone is being bullied, speak up for them. Everybody needs a voice sometimes."

Rebecca's mother says her daughter would be happy that she's taking steps to help other kids. All she ever wanted for people to listen.

While Rebecca was troubled, Tricia is holding on to so many great memories.

"She was perfect, she was absolutely perfect. She had the best sense of humor, she loved everybody, she was always looking out for other kids."

Tricia has left her home in Lakeland. It's just too painful to be there now. she has relocated and plans to make it permanent.


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