Neighbors want solution to abandoned mobile home park that's now a massive eyesore

Residents moved out last year under court order

MULBERRY, Fla. - Dozens of mobile homes left to rot in Mulberry have turned a neighborhood into a major eyesore.

Last year, residents at Lakeside Mobile Manor abandoned their homes after a judge ruled in favor of the city to shut down the park's leaky sewer system.

The park's owner did not have the money to make repairs, and residents couldn't live there without a sewer system.

Now about 30 homes sit trashed, many of them with missing doors, walls, windows, or in some cases, all of the above.

"I stand here doing dishes or cleaning up the kitchen everyday. This is what I have to look at," said Tommy Scott, who lives in the subdivision adjacent to the abandoned mobile home park.

He watches people drive into the park and knock down walls to sell for scrap.

Dallas Summers, another resident, has noticed a different issue.

"My problem is with the excess animals, the vermin, the rodents, things like that that are coming from here into my yard," he said.

The City of Mulberry could haul away all the decrepit mobile homes and clean up the park for about $75,000, but the taxpayers would have to foot the bill.

City leaders would much rather find a buyer who wants to develop what is actually a nice piece of land. It comes with a beautiful lakeside view, along with a massive clean-up job in order to truly enjoy it.

"We've never been in a really good position with that park because the owners didn't maintain it," said Frank Comparetto, city attorney. "The concern is there are still code violations going on, which we want to make sure are halted."

Comparetto said on Tuesday commissioners will discuss waiving some of the $350,000 in fines to attract a buyer.

While the city has control over the condemned homes, the defunct owner remains in a legal mess with the bank.

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