Marine from bay area, David Fenn, among seven killed in mortar blast during training exercise

POLK COUNTY, Fla. - A U.S.Marine from Polk County was one of seven killed when a mortar exploded during live-fire training Monday night..

David Paul Fenn II, 20, from Polk City, lived in Jacksonville, North Carolina. He died in during an exercise in Nevada's high desert at the Hawthorne Army Depot. Six others were injured.

According to the online fundraiser Give Forward (see, about $2,900 has been raised so far to help with unforeseen expenses for his girlfriend.

The accident prompted the Marine Corps to immediately halt use of some mortar shells until an investigation can determine its safety.

The Corps said in a statement that it suspended all use of high-explosive and illumination mortar rounds that were in the same manufacturing lots as the ones that were fired in Nevada. Other 60mm mortar rounds were still allowed to be used.

The Marines were also considering a stop-usage order affecting the mortar tubes like the ones in the accident.

The mortar is a weapon that traditionally requires three to four Marines to operate, but it's common during training for others to observe nearby.

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