Unwanted puppy trapped in cardboard box, dropped off at front doorstep at SPCA Florida

Shelter seeing more abandoned unwanted pets

LAKELAND, Fla. - Overnight deliveries of unwanted dogs and cats no longer surprise the team at SPCA in Lakeland.

Wednesday morning, workers stumbled upon one this morning taped up tight inside a small cardboard box.

It was labeled "stray puppy".

The roughly ten week old puppy was out of food and water, and there's no telling how long she was trapped in the Florida heat.

"This is obviously not the way we want to receive our pets," said Martha Lee, Development Coordinator at SPCA Florida.

In this case, it all worked out. After she got re-hydrated, the little pup -- in her pink nails -- cheered right up.

But the surprise drop-offs are becoming a recurring and unsettling issue.

"Unfortunately, it's becoming pretty regular. Like I'd say at least twice a week. It's pretty tough to see, because there's going to come a time where we open the box and the dog or cat has not survived," Lee said.

The SPCA says many times owners feel embarrassed or guilty surrendering their pets the right way -- by making an appointment.

If they don't have space, there are other options available besides dumping your animals.

Last week, someone found a cat they named "Kit Kat" abounded with a rope around its neck tied to a tree near their home.

The cat is recovering from a deep neck wound.

"There's no reason to ever be ashamed of not being able to take care of a pet," said Charlene Miskah, Intake Specialist at SPCA.

"It's actually pretty responsible when somebody seeks other alternatives."

The puppy dropped off at the door on Wednesday will be held for four days, since it was marked as a stray.

In case the dog's owners lost their pet, they'll have the opportunity to claim it. After four days, the puppy will go up for adoption.

She's already become somewhat a poster-pup of reckless surrendering.

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