Lakeland woman at center of bra-shaking scandal is upset with police investigation

Bra-shaking investigation complete

LAKELAND, Fla. - "I feel like it's just not being taken seriously enough," Zoe Brugger said.

Four months ago, Brugger stood on the side of the road shaking out her bra after an officer pulled her over for a broken headlight. The entire incident was captured in dash cam video.

"I was really humiliated, embarrassed, and upset," Brugger recalled.

But now she's upset for a different reason.

The traffic stop has been under investigation since June spurring reaction from even State Attorney Jerry Hill who called the incident "illegal" and "inappropriate. But after the FBI reviewed the Lakeland Police Department's administrative investigation it was determined that Officer Dustin Fetz would be issued just one day of suspension along with mandatory re-training.

"In a nutshell, they said there were no civil rights or color of law violations," Chief Lisa Womack explained. "I don't believe we'll have any further issues in this manner with this officer."

Womack said they thoroughly investigated the incident and decided to change their warrantless search and seizure policy as a result.

"This is not to say that clothing of any kind will never be manipulated, but it will only be done by a same gendered officer and will only be done for articulable reasons," Womack said.

But with the months-old memory still fresh as new, Brugger said that's not enough.

"It seemed like they really trivialized what happened, seemed like just a little slap on the wrist," said Brugger.

"I was terrorized and bullied by an officer who was supposed to be there to protect me."

Brugger has hired an attorney out of Orlando. She said she plans to file a civil lawsuit against the Lakeland Police Department.

Training on the new policy has already begun at LPD, according to Womack.

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