Lakeland Police Chief Lisa Womack discusses department's plan after sex scandal

LAKELAND, Fla. - After the announcement that the Sue Eberle had been fired from the Lakeland Police Department, Chief Lisa Womack said the department is ready to move forward.

She says they have steps to prevent such a scandal from happening again, and they kick in as soon as Thursday.

First, a task force within LPD, made up of experienced officers, is meeting tomorrow.

In-depth coverage of the Lakeland Police Department Scandal, including an interactive timeline can be found at

Womack says their job is to design and implement a value check system and find out how to improve the "speak-up" culture since that was the common thread in this scandal -- so many people kept it secret.

"What they are going to do is to report back to me as the chief and the command staff, what they see as the negative aspects of the culture. They are going to talk about the speak-up environment. They are going to talk about ideas of what they believe is important to produce the information that we need," she said.

Other corrective actions the chief announced today include the retraining on code of conduct for all officers.

Plus, a new annual training that focuses on personal relationships on the job, ethics, and leadership.

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