Lakeland Police Chief denies the appeal of fired officers David Woolverton and Rusty Longaberger

LAKELAND, Fla. - Lakeland Police Chief Lisa Womack has denied the appeals of two sergeants fired amid a department sex scandal.

ABC Action News previously reported that David Woolverton and Rusty Longaberger, both former sergeants, did not agree with Chief Womack's decision to fire them.  Both filed grievances with LPD stating they did not believe there was just cause to support their firings.

Longaberger and Woolverton were fired on July 15 for conduct unbecoming, failure to report misconduct and neglect of duty, according to papers filed by Chief Womack.

Sue Eberle, a civilian crime analyst, told the state attorney she had consensual and sometimes coerced sex with officers and a firefighter.  Eberle claims the trysts took place inside police stations, patrol cars, motels and and even in a parking lot after a memorial was held for a slain officer.  (See .)

Eberle alleges that both fired officers forced her into having sex with them at various times.  The officers have denied those allegations.

Longaberger, 45, had been a Lakeland police officer since 1999. Woolverton, 38, had been with the department since 1992.

At least 10 officers are involved in the sex scandal that has already cost five officers their jobs.

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