Lakeland city meeting erupts after Howard Wiggs suggests firing Police Department chief Lisa Womack

A campaign to get Lakeland's police chief fired cames to a head Monday evening.
Even before he was elected, commissioner Howard Wiggs said he wanted to see chief Lisa Womack fired.  And now he's made the official call.
It was not an easy meeting, and the ongoing stress is causing a rift among city leaders.  At one point, there was an outburst between Wiggs and Mayor Gow Fields.
The cracks in the city's ranks became apparent when four city commissioners voted against three in denying a 2.5% merit raise to city manager Doug Thomas and city attorney Tim McCausland.
Later in the meeting, commissioner Howard Wiggs asked the mayor to fire chief Lisa Womack over the department's ongoing scandals.  That lead to the outburst.
The city has been at odds over how to handle the department's problems since it unraveled earlier this year (see
Wiggs' motion to fire the chief failed, but city commissioners say they will respond to a grand jury report that recommends some ways they can fix the police department.
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