Lakeland city leaders will soon decide fate of sergeant trying to get old job back after sex scandal

LAKELAND, Fla. - City leaders will soon decide the fate of a decorated sergeant who maintains he's innocent in the city-wide sex scandal.

As early as Tuesday, Police Chief Lisa Womack and City Manager Doug Thomas will announce whether they're going to reinstate Sgt. Bryan McNabb, despite the state attorney's refusal to use his testimony in court.

"Every defense lawyer will use that as a weapon, I would think in any case," said Don Selvage, Lakeland Commissioner.

State Attorney Jerry Hill sent McNabb a so-called "death letter" over the summer informing him he'll no longer use him as a witness because he lost credibility in wake of the sex-scandal.

McNabb's accused of asking Sue Eberle to touch him inappropriately at work and sharing nude pictures with her.

To this day, McNabb refuses to take a lie-detector test, which the state attorney said could put all of this behind him if he passes.

In a recent letter to the commission, the police union president cited an overall lack of evidence by the state attorney and FDLE as the reason why McNabb "should be immediately reinstated to the job he was hired to do ten years ago."

If the city chooses to reinstate him, it appears he still won't be able to fully do what he's paid more than $70,000 a year to do: fight crime and testify about it court.

"We will have to have a conversation on this, because worst case scenario, let's say he witnesses a murder," said Mayor Howard Wiggs.

In that worst case scenario, the shooter may walk free if McNabb is the key witness.

As far as the state attorney is concerned, McNabb took a polygraph to get the job, he can take another to keep it.

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