Known drug house in Lakeland will be shut down

Thursday morning, Lakeland Police will be boarding up a known drug house for an entire year.
"Relieved, very much relieved," said a neighbor named "Mary." 
The Nuisance Abatement Board ordered the closing of 1220 Wright Drive back in November. But the problems have been going on for much longer than that. Since 2012, police have received numerous complaints to their drug hotline about the rundown house with the broken mailbox known for its drive-thru drug sales. 
"That house is a danger to that neighborhood. It's a nuisance," said Lakeland Police Sgt. Gary Gross. 
Back in July, a search warrant was conducted where police seized cocaine, cannabis, more than 100 pills, drug paraphernalia, and two loaded semi-automatic handguns. 
Police believe the home can also be linked to two nearby homicides that happened this past year. 
"It's frightening when you walk out the door at night. We've put up special lights out here so we can see," said Mary. "That kind of stuff just brings down your neighborhood."
Police say the two listed landlords of the property have been absentee throughout the entire abatement process. They were each mailed notices for the upcoming hearing, but neither one showed up. They were also reportedly given months to correct the issue on their own, but nothing was ever done. 
The home was supposed to be evacuated, but when police were checking it out on Wednesday they not only found people inside, but two abandoned pit bulls out back. Animal Control was called.  
"It's a bad scene and that's why we had to take action and we had to take action quick," Gross said. 
This will be the second house LPD has closed in two months as part of an effort to clean up the community. In November, the city shut down 309 Quincy after more than 40 complaints of illegal activity.

Jess Hamilton lives next door to 309 Quincy and says he's noticed a big difference. 
"It's been quieter. It's been a lot quieter," Hamilton said.
"We haven't had one call from that neighborhood since that house was boarded up," Gross said.
That's something Mary is more than ready for on her street. 
"At last," she exclaimed. "It's about time."
Police are scheduled to board up the windows and doors of 1220 Wright Drive at 10 a.m. on Thursday. 
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