Hillsborough stray dogs now being sent to emergency shelter in Lakeland after flu-like outbreak

SPCA built temporary shelter to help

LAKELAND - The Hillsborough County animal shelter will start accepting stray dogs again on Tuesday, after shutting down operations due to a flu-like outbreak last week.

But for the time being, the dogs that are brought in will be transferred to an emergency shelter in Lakeland.

Over the weekend, SPCA Florida setup dozens of kennels in a massive emergency shelter under a tent, paid for by generous donor, Talk Fusion.

"The public has had nowhere to take strays up until this point for the last four or five days," said Adam Lamb, Director of Medical Services for SPCA Florida.

The dogs started moving into the temporary shelter on Sunday, and they expect another 20 to 30 dogs delivered Tuesday.

In an average month, Hillsborough County Animal Services takes in about 15-hundred pets. The illness only

"We definitely are going to need to the community's support to be able to provide the care that we need to with those animals," Lamb said.

SPCA Florida is looking for volunteers or donations of food and blankets.

Staffers like Bunny Laite are putting in some extra work walking dogs up to four times a day, since they're in cramped quarters.

"I'm excited that we're going to get to help these animals because they don't have room at Hillsborough and can't take them in, so we'll take them and take care of them," she said.

It's double duty, but worth it to keep the dogs healthy.

Lamb expects to keep the emergency shelter up for another two weeks when Hillsborough will get the all clear.

"Then we hope to have a massive adoption event so that we have a positive outcome for each one of these animals," Lamb said.

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