After a string of scandals, a city commissioner wants Sheriff Grady Judd's help at Lakeland PD


A familiar face may soon perform a management audit at the Lakeland Police Department after a string of crime and sex scandals.


City Commissioner Howard Wiggs has proposed bringing in Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd to perform a management audit.


"Just watching our community get beaten up, our police department get beaten up. We have so much division now," Commissioner Wiggs said. "


Grady Judd represents truth, honesty, trust."


The scandals began with the news that a crime analyst engaged in sexual escapades with a dozen men connect to LPD, sometimes while on the clock.


Then other issues surfaced, like dash cam video that went viral, in which an officer performing a search asks a woman to shake her bra. 


Perhaps most egregious, however, was the recent arrest of Officer Julio Pagan, charged with sexual battery and aggravated stalking while on duty.


"Calls were made. They weren't followed up on. They didn't get through the chain of command completely," Commissioner Wiggs said.


"Clearly something's falling through the crack."


Sheriff Judd held a press conference Wednesday afternoon where he addressed both the truth and rumors surrounding the proposal.


"They've told us clearly, 'If we need you, we'll call you.' And I'm going, 'I'm great with that. If you need us, call us,'" Sheriff Judd said.


"I don't want to be the police chief. I don't want to contract to run the police department. I don't want to quote take over."


Commissioner Wiggs is also running for mayor of Lakeland.


ABC Action News called Mayor Gow Fields, who plans to refrain from commenting until he hears the entire proposal.


"It is difficult to run an organization by communicating through the media so I will have to hear his proposal when the commission is sitting as a body," Mayor Fields said.


The audit will come up in a special commission meeting Friday morning.

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