Lakeland PD investigation into bra shake continues as 'Anonymous' posts information online

LAKELAND, Fla. - Officer Dustin Fetz, a Lakeland police officer whose unorthodox and upsetting request for a traffic stop subject to shake her bra because of his suspicions, has become a lightning rod for controversy here in this community.

"I was appalled when I had heard about what happened," said Richard Wiley, a family friend of the woman pulled over in the incident.

So, too, apparently, were the social media mayhem makers with the group Anonymous, who took it upon themselves to post links to stories, blogs and e-mails about this case on their various internet accounts.  One person's Twitter feed published the addresses and other private contact information of both the officer and his parents.

We were in those neighborhoods today, as were Polk Deputies and extra Lakeland PD patrols, to see if there would be any trouble.  Thankfully, for us and the neighbors we spoke with, there were not.

"We cannot discuss any information or answer any questions in reference to an open, active administrative investigation," said Capt. John Thomason of theLakeland PD, "because Florida Statutes outlining the police officer bill of rights."
Lakeland Police have been exceedingly closed-mouthed on this case, precisely because of that bill of rights, and they continued the measured responses Tuesday.  The posting of the officer's information clearly violates that statute.

In fact, that violation may just gum up the ongoing investigation, but since we can't ask any specific questions about that, we're not sure how.  Also, we're not sure if this is the same "Anonymous" that has taken shots at much larger high-profile cyber-attacks, or whether its a copycat.

One thing is for sure, Officer Fetz who was told to take a four-day break last week as the May 21 traffic stop was dissected, is back to work.

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