HIV positive Winter Haven man accused of raping ex-girlfriend unprotected, lighting her on fire

WINTER HAVEN, Fla. - Police arrested an HIV-positive Winter Haven man Saturday on charges he held his girlfriend and her son against their will, doused the woman with gasoline, and forced her to have unprotected sex with him.

Winter Haven Police say Glen Davis, 48, has a criminal past that goes back to his teen years.

Records show he's been in and out of jail and prison for violent crimes, including domestic violence.

"This man is not going to change and he needs to stay behind bars, " said police spokesperson Jamie Brown. 

Brown said they are not identifying the victim because of the nature of the crime, but what happened the night of Oct. 31 is spelled out in a police affidavit. 

"It was horrific.  Our hearts go out the victim and her family," said Brown.

The affidavit states Davis doused his live in girlfriend and her 17-year-old old son with gasoline in the home they shared and "tried to light the gas soaked victims with a lighter."

Police said he ended up burning some nearby furniture instead, and still "threatened to kill them."

The victim's son escaped.  But police said Davis forced his girlfriend to have sex with him.

 According to the police affidavit, David said, "your gonna die one way or another!" 

He had told her before he had HIV, and in the past, the couple used condoms.

Now, added to his numerous charges is one that is rarely used: Criminal Transmission of HIV, which is a felony.

"He admitted that he had that disease," said Brown.

Police said the victim is going through numerous tests to make sure she did not contact the disease.

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