Deputies: Armed man broke into Polk County home, raped woman in bedroom

Deputies: Armed man broke into Polk County home, raped woman in bedroom
Posted at 10:07 AM, Jun 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-19 10:07:02-04

Polk County deputies arrested a 24-year-old man after he reportedly broke into a home, pointed a firearm at a woman in her bedroom and raped her. 

Jerald Dixon, Jr. was arrested and charged with armed burglary with an assault or battery and sexual battery with a deadly weapon.

Deputies say Dixon unlawfully entered the Polk County home after climbing through the window after he removed the window air conditioning unit. He was wearing a shirt wrapped over his face in an attempt to conceal his identity as he approached the residence. He made contact with the victim who was the only person in the bedroom at the time. Deputies say Dixon pointed a firearm at the victim and proceeded to have sexual intercourse with her, without her consent. He then pointed the firearm at the victim and told her to walk him out of the residence. She complied with his requests and then locked the front door of the home and told her roommate what had just happened. 

Other residents in the home came out of their bedrooms and checked the house to make sure Dixon had left. A witness found Dixon crawling back into the home through the same window where the air conditioner had previously been. The witness was able to detain Dixon until deputies arrived. 

During the post Miranda interview with Jerald Dixon, Jr., Dixon admitted he was in possession of a firearm but he denied pointing the gun at the victim. He also told deputies the sexual intercourse was consensual but he was not able to provide deputies with the victim's name. 

Deputies determined that Dixon intentionally and unlawfully entered into the victim's residence with the intent to commit sexual battery and that he had sex with the victim against her will and without her consent while he threatened her with a firearm.