Davenport man wants water system checked after receiving $1,700 water bill

First time bill ever exceeded $150

DAVENPORT, Fla. - Another mysterious water bill in Polk County has one family demanding answers.

Usually the bill for the family of five runs around $150 a month, but out of nowhere they got a bill for $1,700.

"I don't have a pool, I don't have a hot tub, I don't even have a jacuzzi," said Vince, who didn't want to give out his last name.

He's still reeling from the biggest water bill of his life. The $1,700 bill is for 122-thousand gallons of water Polk County Utilities said his family used.

"They said I must have been watering my lawn excessively, I must have left my garden hose on wide open laying out in my driveway, or I have a busted water pipe," he said.

The county came out to check the meter. They found the reading was accurate, even though the electronic part that would audit the daily usage was not working.

Vince said he ruled out a leak or busted pipe.

Besides the typical family consumption, he said the only other use is the occasional car wash.

Polk County Utilities did some research on the mysterious bill and found there was a slight error -- the 122-thousand gallons was actually for two months not one.

But they still say the family used all of the water.

"In my experience, the vast majority of people who get high water bills are irrigation timers that have reset or somebody left a hose running," said Charles Richardson, Customer Service Manager for the utility.

Vince tells us that explanation is impossible.

By his own admission, his grass is more a shade of brown than green because he doesn't water it. Plus, he said he's 100 percent certain he didn't leave a hose running.

After several complaints, he said the county finally agreed to lower the bill to around $700. They told us he now only owes about $400.

Either way, it's not the answer he's looking for.

"Somebody needs to look at their system and re-evaluate it because it's not working," he said.

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