Man who raped woman, while husband and son are tied up in other room, sentenced to eight life terms

Jury convicted Richard Delgato-Cruz Thursday night

BARTOW - One of the two brother who was convicted of a brutal rape and armed robbery will spend the rest of his life in prison.

Richard Delgado-Cruz, and his brother Danny, are charged with raping a Poinciana woman after tying up her husband and son were tied up in another room.

Thursday night, a jury found Richard guilty on all counts, while his brother waits for his trial.

Judge Roger Alcott showed no mercy on Friday, handing down the maximum penalty, eight consecutive life sentences -- one for each of the eight charges.

Delgado-Cruz did not speak at the sentencing. The victim and her family testified during the trial but chose not to attend the sentencing hearing.

The attack that Shierff Grady Judd called "one of the most violent and ruthless crimes he's seen" happened in May of this year.

Prosecutors said Richard and Danny Delgado-Cruz -- armed with guns and a machete -- tied up a Poinciana man and his son in one room of their house, while they raped the man's wife in another room.

When they were finished, investigators said they used bleach on and inside her body to get rid of the evidence.

During the trial this week, the victim and her family gave very emotional testimony about the horrifying ordeal.

Meanwhile, Richard insisted that he's innocent and that he's being framed by his younger brother.

The family could not identify their attackers because they were wearing masks at the time.

Prosecutors presented enough circumstantial evidence to get a guilty verdict for Richard Delgato-Cruz.

Investigators caught a break in the case when they found a suspicious truck near the victim's house, and discovered money and other items stolen from the home inside the truck.

They also found a stained towel that revealed had the DNA of the suspect and the victim.

Richard's brother, Danny Delgado-Cruz awaits trial for the same attack. His attorney questions whether he is mentally competent to stand trial.

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