Tampa charter company flies relief down to Florida Keys

Posted: 4:19 PM, Sep 22, 2017
Updated: 2017-09-22 20:47:03Z

Pilots in the Bay area have been taking donations of supplies to the Keys since Hurricane Irma hit in mid-September. 

On Thursday, the owners of Tampa Bay Aviation took the last 200 pounds of donations on their small chartered aircraft. 

Laura Taylor owns the charter company that trains people how to fly airplanes and helicopters along with special tours across the Bay area. 

Taylor dropped off cases of water, toiletries, and the final donations of non perishable items to the small airport in Marathon, Florida. 

Following the generous drop-off on her own dime, the Florida native went into town where helping others turned into helping her own family.

Taylor's family home was hit in the Keys, leaving damage on the inside and outside. 


Images show seaweed, sand and rock, and debris thrown everywhere. 


Many people are still returning home for the first time where they are finding boats smashed, upside down and blown into people's yards. 

Taylor and her family spent the day cleaning up the property by tearing apart the wallpaper, cleaning up debris, and putting caution tape around the pool that was emptied by Hurricane Irma. 

The storm surge also pushed water into the garage, bent the garage door and left inches of rock across the outside of the home.

As you walked along residential streets you would find people's belongings from inside their homes on the outside. 

Besides the mess, there are hazards for people cleaning up, like scorpions everywhere. 

David Teague shows a scorpion that was found inside a blanket inside his cousin's home. 

Despite the damage Teague pointed out that everyone is helping everyone, and they're all in the cleanups together. 

Many stores in Marathon, Florida are still closed and supplies are limited. The Home Depot can still only let one person in at a time as the demand for supplies is growing. 

It will take quite some time for homes, businesses and roads to clean up from Irma -- but everyone is thankful for the place they call home in the Keys.