St. Petersburg police searching for suspects in Pinellas Trail atack


St. Petersburg Police say they're looking for at least two suspects who attacked cyclists on the Pinellas Trail on Saturday.


The victims spoke with ABC Action News briefly and say they've been busy with doctor's appointments for treatment of injuries and believe the attack they had was a setup.


Police say the couple were attacked by two teens who blocked their path on the road and held them up at gunpoint.


The couple say one of them pistol-whipped the female, knocking out teeth as she fell to the ground


The male was punched and kicked on the ground.


The entire time, they say, "the boys were shouting at each other to shoot us."


St. Pete Cycling Club president Mark Yeager says the level of violence shocked him.


"I've never heard of anything that violent, it's always been they pull a gun out, they try to get people to stop, or they just get into a fight," he said.

But he has heard of cyclists being attacked or held up in the area near 49th Street South and 34th Street South on the trail.

"We've had friends who have been attacked on that part of the trail. A lot of people avoid it, and they try to stay on the main road," Yeager said.

St. Petersburg Police are telling people to be aware of their surroundings and not to ride anywhere where they don't feel safe and say they continue to investigate the Saturday robberies.

"We generally find that when people are made aware of these situations and take the proper precautions, they generally come out OK," said police spokesman Mike Puetz.

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