Spending bill includes flood insurance break for some

Those in the Tampa Bay area who have been hit with significant flood insurance rate increases may get some relief from a congressional vote today.
Today's vote on a $1.1 trillion spending bill in congress could delay those hikes for some families.
If the spending bill is voted through, it would delay the insurance premium hikes on people who voluntarily bought flood insurance and found out they were recategorized as living in high-risk areas.
The delay only helps 500,000 families nationwide, or just 10-percent of those who got hit with big increases.
Pinellas County is affected more than any other area in the country.
About 33,000 in the county are seeing premium increases, and some homeowners saw hikes of tens of thousands of dollars or more a year.
This issue came about when congress voted two years ago to stop subsidizing the federal flood insurance program.  It was left in the red to the tune of about $24 billion after Hurricane Katrina.
Besides today's vote to delay the hikes, congressional members are also trying to push through a bill that would delay the hikes for another four years to give these people some breathing room.
That vote could come before the end of the week.
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