Septic plant approved by Pinellas commission despite petition against "stinky" processing

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. - Despite the hundreds of signatures on a petition, a septic plant that citizens say smelled horrible is here to stay.
Reliable septic and sewers plant has been operating outside of Pinellas Park for some time now, but the outcry against the plant started when it built a f.o.g processing plant --- f.o.g stands for fats, oils and grease.
That's when neighbors near the 66th street and 90th avenue plant say the stench became unbearable.
About four months ago, the Pinellas County local planning agency said the plant needed to get a re-zoning to keep that fog plant running.
They later denied a recommendation to the commission -- but last nights commission meeting had that plant approved 4 to 3.
Pinellas commissioner Kenneth Welch said it was not an easy decision to make.

"My goal is to reduce the odor impacts on the community. The fact that we did issue a permit and some of the other documentation that we've received gives me enough to support this as an imperfect solution," Welch said.

So in order to get rid of those smells, reliable septic and sewer has to build an enclosing that would cover up the production of the fats, oils and grease.
Reliable septic and sewer says it might take up to 30 days -- but the smell should go away.  


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