PSTA saw a record number of riders in December, and an increase in people using buses in 2013


It was a record setting December for people riding buses in Pinellas County.


For Equilla Robinson, riding a bus has become a daily routine since she doesn't have a car. "I depend on the bus to get me to where I have to go day by day," she said.


She and her son spent Monday morning taking the number 52 from St. Petersburg to Clearwater. When she's not heading to Clearwater, she takes the bus just about everywhere. "I use it to go visit family, I use it to go to doctor's appointments, I use it to take my son to his doctor's appointment, I use it to shop, and sometimes I use it just to ride to the beach to get away," Equilla said.


She's not the only one. Riders set a new Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority record with 1.2 million passengers in December alone. A 3.2% jump from December 2012. "We saw a lot of traffic going to and from the malls and also weekday traffic to and from jobs," PSTA Spokesperson Bob Lasher said.


More people are also taking the bus during the week. Those numbers are up as well. 


The busiest routes are U.S. 19, Seminole Blvd., and 4th Street North in St. Pete. 


It's not just buses. The Central Avenue trolley has become one of the top five routes that will take you from downtown St. Pete to the beach and back.  "It's a one seat ride from the Pier to Pass-A-Grille," Lasher said.


Pinellas County has also seen a year of record setting tourism which has lead to more people riding. For most, though, it's their only way to get around. 

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