Pride parade shooting victim talks about possible hate crime

Police arrest man for shooting parade-goer

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - "I didn't know what to think other than to call 911," said Eric.

Eric and friends were walking to the St. Pete Pride Parade on Saturday morning.  He had been a couple times before.

"It's actually a lot of fun," he said.

But before it even started, the day of enjoyment turned violent.

"I felt something on the back of my leg.  And the guy behind me said, 'you were just shot by a BB gun,'" he said.

It didn't take police long to arrest the alleged shooter.

Investigators say Cornelius Davis shouted gay slurs at one of Eric's friends, yelling they should "put some clothes on" and "this is a disgrace, there are kids around here."

Eric says he believes his friend, who was dressed provocatively, was the intended target, but he got hit instead.

"I was raised on the right side of the law, where this guy obviously does not have an open mind to everybody is equal," said Eric.

Eric says his injuries were minor and he was bummed not to see most of the parade.

He was busy with the police and even snapped a picture of the gun, and the tiny BB that punctured his right leg.

"I'll go back next year, I'm not going to let one idiot change me from not going again."

The pride parade has been going on in St. Petersburg for 11 years, and organizers say it's the first time there's been a violent incident.

Davis is charged with the shooting, but the state attorney's office tells us they are still investigating to see if he will also be charged with a hate crime.

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