Pinellas Co. math teacher's YouTube videos have hundreds of thousands of hits

St Pete HS math teacher a hit on YouTube

Pinellas County - It started off as a way to help his students at St Pete High School keep up when they were having a hard time, or if they had missed class. Now it has gone worldwide.

Rob Tarrou has been producing YouTube videos, "Tarrou's Chalk Talk", from his house. Those videos have now been seen in hundreds of countries, hundreds of thousands of times, From New York, to Hungary, to Israel, Rob has over 3,000 subscribers and it is still growing.

So what's the secret? Well the first thing you notice about Rob Tarrou is that he is instantly likeable, that combined with the fact he breaks things down very simply, makes it, in all likelihood, simply impossible not to understand what he is talking about.

To meet Rob Tarrou, just watch the accompanying story. To see his videos go to YouTube and search "Tarrou's Chalk Talk".

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