Owners: Neglected pet cemetery will be cleaned up

LARGO, Fla - For the past 60 years, folks from all over Pinellas County have brought their pets here for eternal rest. 

Established as a burial spot by a local veterinarian who also had a crematorium on this property back in the day, Green Mounds looks like any human cemetery, with grave markers laid in the ground and silk flowers in the newer mounds, a sign that some people have been here recently.  

"It's just ... sad to see what's going on there now," said Quentin Chapman, who has pets buried here. " People are literally driving over tombstones and stuff like that., like they don't even know they're there."

Chapman says he couldn't believe what he saw when he visited Monday.

"I sent you all an e-mail and I didn't know how to go about finding out who does own the property," he said.  "So I am not sure what is going on with the property other than its not being taken care of."

So we did some digging, finding out that while the former Fletcher's Harley Davidson Dealership along US 19 is in the city of Largo, the old cemetery behind it is in Pinellas County, and while the bank owns the abandoned dealership, the Fletchers, who bought the cemetery back in the 80s with an eye to expansion, say they now want to keep this a cemetery, and give the land back to Pinellas, so it can be kept a cemetery.

I spoke with Laura Fletcher-Taylor on the phone Tuesday, and she said she wants the county to maintain the property, and if they can't, "Well then, we will continue to maintain it."

I spoke with numerous county contacts today, who couldn't shed any light on that transfer.  But code enforcement says this would clearly be a violation of their rules… if anyone had complained officially.

Laura insisted there won't have to be one... After all, she and her family have pets buried there too.

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