More personnel files to be released for teacher arrested on child pornography charges


PINELLAS COUNTY - Later today, the second half John Kaneski's personnel file is set to be released, and it's said to have more insight on the Pinellas former teacher, accused of having and sharing child pornography.

There are 195 pages of his work history, containing complaints against the Kaneski, who started working with the Pinellas School District in 1994.

In the first half of the files, released Tuesday, there were allegations of  allegations from a school principal of inappropriate pictures on his classroom bulletin board.

In another instance, a parent asked that her child get transferred to a new school after finding what she called inappropriate emails between her child and Kaneski.

But the biggest complaint in Kaneski's work file is from the sheriff's office back in 2005.

A student claimed he sexually assaulted her at school, but shortly later told investigators she made the whole thing up because she didn't like him and wanted to get him in trouble.

Investigators are now giving that case another look.

Law enforcement working the case say there were hundreds of pictures of young girls engaging in sex acts with grown men--- as well as videos of the same thing on kaneski's computer.  And even more disturbing --- Sheriff Gualtieri says this may not be the only unscrupulous thing Kaneski was doing.

In light of the case, the school board is trying to ensure everyone they are doing what they need to do in this case.

Spokeswoman for Pinellas County Schools Lisa Wolf says she wants to ensure that the public knows that the safety of the students is of their utmost concern.

" …that is why we are going to continue to cooperate w the pinellas co. Sheriff's office with their criminal investigation," she said.

Kaneski  taught English as a second language at Cross Bayou Elementary before the school board received his official resignation letter Monday.

Kaneski is being charged with 10 counts of child pornography possession.

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