Man arrested after working with inmates to get drugs into Pinellas County jail

Fishing pole-like device used

"This is a first. It's never happened before. You think that you'd seen it all and now 
you've got a fishing expedition," said Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri.
The fishing expedition reeled-in drugs and other contraband from outside the Pinellas County Jail right into inmates' hands.
"Someone was standing there at the bottom and the inmates were pushing out a fishing pole, if you will, with string on it and the person (was) attaching a significant amount of contraband and then they were reeling it up and pulling it through the hole in the gutter area where the water was the run off," said the Sheriff.
Surveillance video shows how the men pulled it off. You can see two inmates, Mark Keating and Philip Henderson, rolling out a spool of fishing line from a sixth floor recreation area. 
"There's a hole in the wall so that the rain can exit the gutter area," said Sheriff Gualtieri.
The guy on the ground on his cell phone is Eric Scott Snook, according to investigators. They say he would hook a plastic grocery bag full of marijuana and cigarettes to the nylon line. 
Only on Monday night, the fishing expedition hit a snag and a the bag got caught on a ledge. 
A jail cell phone call helped investigators figure out what was going on.
They say the men reeled in ten catches, over two months, and probably made thousands of dollars selling the contraband to other inmates.
But their last catch, the one that got away, means their fishing hole is now off limits.
Crews put in a new fence Thursday and the Sheriff says the hole on the sixth floor has been patched.


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