Jason Thomas, 34, of St. Petersburg being held on federal charges

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla - A drug tip ended with St. Petersburg police and ATF agents recovering 31 guns and drugs inside a home at 2200 37th Street North, according to St. Pete Police spokesperson Mike Puetz.

Jason Thomas, 34, is now in federal custody facing drug and gun charges.

"I wouldn't want him as a neighbor," said Puetz.

Officers and agents served two search warrants at the home around 10 a.m. Thursday.  Puetz said Thomas' live-in girlfriend and two children were home at the time.

Among the 31 guns recovered were military-style rifles and a fully automatic assault rifle which is illegal to possess, Puetz said.  Boxes of ammunition were also found along with ballistic vests. 

"The question is, how did he obtain all this stuff? Was he distributing it?" Puetz added.  "He could have been stocking up for a bunker type situation."

Thomas is a convicted felon and should not have been in possession of any guns.

"Officers were shocked at the guns he had," Puetz said.

Puetz said LSD, cocaine, MDMA and marijuana were also recovered inside the home.

"There were some bottles filled to the top," Puetz recalled.

Agents also said they found ammunition at the tattoo parlor Thomas owns at 3001 34th Street.

Federal agents have declined to release photographs of the guns recovered, citing protocol.  A mug shot of Thomas is also being withheld.

According to Puetz, Thomas is not cooperating with law enforcement.

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