First Bay-Area Baby born in Clearwater just seconds after midnight.

CLEARWATER, Fla - Meet Baylin. Weighing in at a scosh over 8 pounds and a bit over 21 inches long, he arrived in this world at just 13 ticks after midnight... The first Bay Area birth of the New Year!

"13 seconds in... that's pretty quick?" I asked Mom Monica Johnson, holding her newly-delivered son.
"I didn't know, everybody else was paying attention... I was obviously not," she said matter-of-factly.
"You had other things to do?"  
"I had other things on my mind."

And Mom couldn't be prouder of her little one -- whose name means "mighty warrior" in Cherokee.

Dad was equally chuffed, and only a bit bummed they didn't get that just-under-the-wire tax break for 2012.  They missed it by seconds as Baylin became the bay areas first.

"Our Doctor, Dr. Gallagher... he needs to kinda hold him in there until midnight and then pull him out," explained Steve Konitzer.  
"Hold him in there?" I queried.
"Hold him back," he repeated, chuckling.
"You weren't hoping for the tax break, you were holding out for the first of 2013?" I asked.
"Lets go for the first," he said.
"And you got him."

At that point, all eyes fell again on the precious bundle, snoozing soundly in a brand-new New England Patriots sleeper set...

"Now," my line of questioning continued, "why did you put him in Patriots gear?"
"It's New England... It's..."
"This is Tampa Bay," I countered, watching Dad's grin widen. "The first baby of the year for Tampa Bay, not New England... put him in Bucs gear!"
"That was her choice," he said, looking over at his soon-to-be-wife and brand-new son.

"It's a good day?" I asked.  "It's a great day!" she said (quietly... so as not to wake the baby).

One more interesting sidelight here is that this is the first first baby of the year born at this facility since they moved the OB/delivery over from Mease Dunedin.  That made for an exciting day for the staff as well.

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