Family sues Pinellas Schools because of sack tapping game


New details in a law suit against the Pinellas County School District are emerging over a game called "sack tapping." A family is seeking $15,000 in damages because of that game.

The videos of sack tapping aren't hard to find on YouTube, the site has hundreds. It's a game where kids hit each other in the groin area, and it's almost always followed by laughter.

But the Forney family in St. Petersburg isn't laughing. They filed a law suit against Pinellas County Schools, and their son's classmate's family.

According to the complaint, the family states their son suffered significant injury after a "dangerous" game of "tapping" during PE class at Azalea Middle School.

Lisa Schweitzer is a children's mental health counselor. She says kids are easily convinced to play games like sack tapping during adolescents.

" There's a rule with kids, they have higher risk taking factors in adolescence and peer acceptance is huge," said Schweitzer.

She urges parents to talk to their kids about the serious health consequences that could come from sack tapping.

" If you're not thinking it's that serious when your friends are saying to you, this is something funny, go do this, they're not seeing the seriousness of it," said Schweitzer.

The Forney's family said their attorney advised them not to talk about the case. Pinellas County School Officials say they also have a policy not to talk about pending litigation.


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