East Lake High School's team Krunch 79 letting the frisbee fly as they head out to take on the world

High School robotics teams builds amazing machine

Tarpon Springs - They were given a challenge and they have taken the ball and run with it. Actually it's a frisbee and they are letting it fly. For 16 years in a row now the East Lake High school Robotics Team has taken part in the First Robotics Competition.
This year they idea was to build a machine that can move over and climb a course and then fire a frisbee into a target. The "Kruch 79" as the team is called is of to Orlando this week to compete in the regional finals. If they do well there they could qualify for the international First Robotics Competition.
We send all our luck to East Lake's team "Krunch 79".
Watch the video and be amazed at what they have managed to come up with. It moves, it turns, and it fires. It fires a frisbee anywhere from 30 to 45 miles per hour.

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