Domestic violence victim receiving help through local campaign

For over a decade, Olga has been hiding a secret.

Her first husband, a Puerto Rican boxer, treated her as a human punching bag, subjecting her to domestic violence time and time again.

"Neko" a DJ with St. Pete Spanish radio station 92.5 Maxima FM / WYUU tells part of her story.
"And with the bat he completely destroyed her teeth,  He also stabbed her twice in the thighs, so that if any other man were with her, he would know that he was there first."
Olga sits in the radio station, unaware of what's about to happen.
For the past week, Olga has been taking part in 92.5 Maxima FM's "BASTA YA" campaign against domestic violence, which in English translates into "Enough!"
The program was inspired by ABC Action News' "Taking Action Against Domestic Violence" campaign.
For almost 5 years now, ABC Action News has teamed up with the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence to tackle the growing problem, one that will affect one out of every four women in their lifetime.
Olga's story, the radio station hopes, will inspire more women to not only come forward, but to also get hope.
In another room, dentist Claudia Vergara sits, telling how much she wanted to help Olga out once she heard her plight.
"To smile is very important to function socially, it's very important, I can't imagine how she feels," she said.
At absolutely no cost, Vergara will completely reconstruct Olga's mouth giving her the smile she has been afraid to show.
And as the door came open in the radio booth and Olga saw what was happening, she immediately became aware and broke down.
"Neko" the host introduced the two as Olga choked back tears.
The entire booth, a group of at least 9-10 people teared up as Olga gave her thanks in Spanish.
"For thirteen years of my life I've been living without my smile," she said, "M y family has always told me that I'm pretty, that I'm a great person, that I matter."
And as she hugged her thanks and sobbed into shoulders, it was clear she knew she was getting another chance at life.


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