Cops say man high on illegal drugs and energy drink attacks CVS clerk in Largo

LARGO, Fla. - The surveillance video shows a rather unsettling scene as a lone masked man bursts into a CVS store and immediately attacks the clerk with a knife.

68 year-old Donald McKay was sliced multiple times, and had to be rushed to Bayfront Medical Center on Monday morning, where he was treated for what doctors termed "non-life-threatening" injuries.

The suspect -- 22-year-old  Lorenzo Guererro -- who ran out almost as quickly as he ran in -- was caught a short time later by Largo Police who had their man, but no motive.

"The offender provided no explanation for their actions," said Lt. Stephen Slaughter of Largo Police.  "The only thing that we're surmising at this time is he had taken what we're calling a very potent cocktail combining multiple drugs and narcotics."

A cocktail that -- according to investigators -- could have contained anything from synthetic pot like Spice and K-2 or even the sinister "bath salts" that have been linked to other unprovoked attacks.

"We know that he used cocaine, Four Loko and some synthetic drugs prior to this incident," said  Lt. Slaughter.

But we -- and investigators -- know little else.  They believe that Guerrero may be responsible for the vandalism at another nearby convenience store.  One that he apparently tried to rob unsuccessfully before heading to the CVS.

Mr. McKay -- who lives in a condo complex across the street from the store -- was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"There's nothing to indicate that the two ever had met or even seen each other before," said Lt. Slaughter.  "It just seems to be a random act of violence."

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