Christopher Weed, 29, is accused of hitting two people riding a tandem bike in Clearwater Monday

CLEARWATER, Fla - Clearwater Police say the driver responsible for a hit-and-run that left one man dead and another woman severely injured has turned himself in.

Christopher Weed, 29, told police he blacked out and cannot remember hitting Robert Lemon and Hilary Michalak Monday morning on the Memorial Causeway. However, he noticed a news report regarding the accident and then noticed his car was damaged.

Police say a camera on Clearwater Beach captured Weed's green Nissan pick-up truck leaving the area Monday morning.  Just minutes before, the camera captured Lemon and Michalak on their tandem bike.
Pictures of the Nissan truck were released Wednesday.  (Click Photos in the media player)

Lemon succumbed to his injuries and Michalak is in critical condition.

Weed, who works at a Clearwater Beach hotel, gave his account to officials.
"He was working, got off of work and that is all he can remember," said Chief Anthony Holloway. 
"He woke up later, took a shower and then saw the incident on the news. That is the story that he told us and that is what we are going to work with right now.   It does sound a little fishy but we will go with that right now and we will figure it out."
In addition, police say a tipster called Crime Stoppers with information about Weed.  Then, an unnamed individual approached an officer at the beach and pointed them toward Weed.
Weed's truck was located behind his mother's Dunedin mobile home Tuesday afternoon.  Police told ABC Action News there was damage to the truck's front end and the windshield was missing.
"We need to find that windshield," Chief Holloway said.
According to detectives, it is not yet clear if alcohol was a factor in this accident.
He is now facing one count of leaving the scene of an accident involving death and one count of leaving the scene of an accident involving severe injury.
He has previous arrests for disorderly intoxication and racing on a highway.
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