AMC evacuated in Largo after reported unknown odor

70 patrons evaluated after odd odor fills AMC

LARGO, Fla. - Largo Fire Rescue and HAZMAT responded to the AMC Tri-City 8, located at 5140 East Bay Drive, around 12:30 p.m. Saturday after reports of an odd odor.

The gasoline like odor was first reported to be in theater two where 13 people were attending a movie.

All 70 patrons inside the building were evacuated into a triage area to be evaluated until the odor was identified.

22 people were closely examined, but no serious injuries, or significant symptoms were detected in any moviegoer.

No one was transported for further medical attention.

Fire investigators searched the building with gas meters to try and determine what the odor was. They were able to find that it was not dangerous and posed no threat to anyone's health that had been in the building at the time.

Investigators believe the smell came from cleaning substances.



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