A St. Petersburg woman's search for her stolen dog has come to a happy end; Riley was found injured

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla - UPDATE:  A stolen dog has been reunited with his owner after 48 hours.  The dog, Riley, was in his owner's car when the car was stolen Tuesday night.

Riley was turned in to Pinellas County Animal Services Thursday morning.

According to the director, Riley was injured but released to his owner, Aviva Bowman.

Bowman is reportedly taking Riley to her vet for treatment.

According to Bowman, veterinarians believe Riley was hit by a car.  Vets determined he has a dislocated hip and fractured hip.

Bowman said he also has a deep cut on his and road rash.  However, vets say he will recover.

"The vets told me when he saw me, it was the first time he wagged his tail a little bit," Bowman told ABC Action News via phone Thursday afternoon.

A fund has now been set up to help pay for Riley's vet bills.

http://www.gofundme.com/ ForRileyPants

St. Pete police say they also recovered Bowman's 2013 Mazda SUV around 7:30 Thursday morning.

It was located behind an abandoned house at 516 28th Avenue South.

According to Mike Puetz, spokesperson for St. Pete police, the car was backed into a fence, it had a flat tire, the trunk had been pried open and there was a bullet hole in it.

Police believe the car was involved in a shots fired call that was reported at 10:30 p.m. Tuesday night.  The shots were heard at 18th Avenue South and 28th Street South, Puetz said.

Police also think the car was used in an armed robbery.  According to Puetz, a woman was walking into her home in the 400 block of 46th Avenue North when three men got out of a Mazda SUV and robbed her at gunpoint.

The woman reportedly identified the car to police.

The men were described as being between the ages of 18 and 20-years-old.

No arrests have been made in the case.


A St. Petersburg woman is desperately trying to find her beloved dog Riley.  Riley was inside her car when a thief stole it out of a Walmart parking lot Tuesday night.

It happened around 6 p.m. at the Walmart near 35th Avenue South.

Aviva Bowman told ABC Action News she left Riley in the car, something she has done since he was a puppy, to just grab a few things.  When she came outside, her car and Riley were gone.

"He is everything to me," said Bowman while crying.

Bowman hasn't wasted a minute trying to get her best friend back. 

She took to the streets last night and today searching for her dog.   She decided to do this after several people she knows spotted the dog and called her.  However, by the time she got to where the dog was spotted, the dog was gone.

Riley was first spotted on 38th Avenue South right off 34th Street.  Then, he was spotted again near Cortez Way South and Alberca Way South.

"Riley! Riley!" Bowman could be heard yelling out throughout the neighborhood.

Joined by two of her friends, Bowman went door-to-door asking if anyone has seen Riley and posted up multiple fliers with Riley's picture.

Meanwhile, while they walked, Bowman's friend used Riley's favorite squeaky toy to try and lure him out.

Bowman fears Riley will be hard to find.  She says as a puppy, Riley was abused and she subsequently rescued him.  She says he is extremely skittish and will only come to her if she calls him.

"This is just a nightmare.  I don't even know where to look," she said.

Riley, a Rhodesian Ridgeback and lab mix, is micro-chipped and is wearing a collar along with ID tags.

"He is my life," Bowman explained.

Police have not found Bowman's car but it has apparently been spotted in the area.

She says she doesn't even care about getting the car back. 

"I just can't not know [where Riley is]," Bowman explained.

If you see Riley or know of his whereabouts, you are asked to call Bowman at 727.793.5446 or 727.366.3882.

"If you see him, call me and I will come running," she added.

Bowman said losing Riley is especially hard.  Last year, Riley's sibling, Grady, passed away from cancer.  Bowman and Riley have been leaning on each other to get through the loss.

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